Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Morning After...

Okay, Rolling Hills, so for awhile I’ve been thinking of doing something “bloggish” on Monday mornings to recap the prior Sunday and look ahead to the week in front of us. I’m calling it “The Morning After”, even though I’m writing the very first one, naturally, very late on Monday night. Anyway, here it is…

I was blown away yesterday by 2 things:
Your HUGE missional heart and the promise of the next generation.

For weeks we’ve been gathering winter clothes for the Homeless Shelter, gifts for Operation Christmas Child and groceries for Fayette Samaritans. That’s a lot of opportunity for generosity and, as usual, you stepped up to the plate. What you did for our friends, downtown at Courtland and Pine, was particularly inspiring. We had lots of help, served up lots of food and gave away lots and lots of coats. Best of all, we stepped outside the walls of our church and demonstrated the love of Jesus in a tangible way.

My feelings were summed up very well in an e-mail sent to me earlier today by one of the most tenderhearted people I know:

“Rolling Hills, I first wanted to say “THANK YOU” so much for your participation yesterday. I am continually amazed at what God has put into the hearts of this community of believers. I am convinced that without respect to size, this body of believers has one of the biggest hearts anywhere. I praise God that He brings the right people with the right heart and the right resources to the right location at the right time. GOD IS GOOD – ALL THE TIME!” - Mark Haag

I couldn’t agree more. I love our church! I love your passion for serving Jesus by serving others! I love you and I love being your pastor. Your rock!!

Now, about the next generation…I have great confidence in our kids and how God might use them to change the world. They led us in worship yesterday and they led the way in serving at Courtland and Pine, as well. I’m convinced that our grandkids will be raised by a more devoted generation than our own. That helps me sleep at night!

The week ahead…

Our friend Elwin flies in late Wednesday night, he’ll be staying with the Ratnaikes and will be at Rolling Hills this Sunday morning. I spoke with him tonight, he is very excited about seeing you again and appreciates all of the support you’ve shown his family. Please make him feel welcome and let’s continue to look for ways to help him.

Thanksgiving is 3 days away…yikes! We’ve got lots to do because we’ve got lots of folks coming to Dragon’s Lair including my favorite Pakistani, my favorite Australian, my favorite South African, my favorite New Zealander and several of my favorite Americans. In all the preparation and travel, don’t forget to actually take time to be thankful. God has been good to me. God has been good to you. Give thanks!

This Sunday we launch a new series. It’s called “The Christmas Presence” and it’s all about experiencing and being the presence of Jesus in our world. The Christmas event changed the world once – it can happen again – hope you’ll join us for the celebration this Sunday!

Well…so that’s it. That’s the first one. Hope it was informative, inspiring, encouraging and maybe even a little entertaining. But I’m going to stop typing now and press send before it’s actually the morning after I started typing “the morning after”.

Gratefully Yours…

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